Vendor Journals
Posted by Thomas Burscheid on 03 April 2020 09:20 PM

Vendor Journals

How to setup order journals only vendor account


You can now define vendor groups without any of the default "Vendor Privileges" but with only the "Order Journals" as "Additional Vendor Privileges" which enables you to create a vendor order only account.

Please note: You can leave the number of products at 0, it will be counted as 0 and not as unlimited in this case.

You can also create vendors through the admin area, that don't have any permissions set, except for the special order journals permission.

When signing up through the vendor signup page. If the order journals group was created correctly, this group will be listed without any product references at the signup vendor page:


The whole permission system was redesigned for the vendor frontend to allow restricting the vendor access to specific pages and also allow specific pages. Since the vendor frontend-only used to have a few selected pages, the permission system was only designed to take care of certain settings and was much more permissive, if wrong settings were set.

If you login to an order journals accounts at the frontend, you will see, that the list of available pages is shrunk down to a few pages. namely the vendor resources area, the ticket system and the contact management page and of course the order journals page.

All other pages can't be accessed by the order journals account.

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